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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Release your body’s natural wisdom for better health

First discovered by an American Osteopath, Dr William Sutherland in the 1930’s.  Craniosacral Therapy has continued to evolve in its methodology of treatment over the last 80 years as we discover more about the innate natural wisdom of the human body to heal itself.  

This occurs when restrictions are released to allow the body’s own life force to be expressed freely in the body’s anatomy and physiology so that a person’s original “blueprint of health” can be expressed.

These restriction patterns can occur through accident, injury and trauma, emotional stress and sometimes locked within the DNA itself.  These restrictions create a cellular memory of experience and a neural pattern of expression that can be negative to our health.  These restrictions are gently mirrored back through the central nervous system to the brain, which then corrects them by sending a revised neural response to release the restrictions to allow greater freedom within the tissues of the body and to increase the vitality and energy of the body.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is suitable for all ages, from babies, children and adults.  It treats a broad range of health issues including muscloskeletal pain, mental depression, anxiety and fatigue, trauma from accident, injury or birth and acute and chronic illness.

Craniosacral Therapy has very profound therapeutic healing effects on the body, mind and spirit.  It is a subtle, non invasive hands on therapy.  As a client you will lie fully clothed on a treatment table.  The practitioner will place their hands gently on the parts of your body that require support.  

As the practitioner works you will experience gentle warm pulsing motions within your body as restrictions are released. At the end of the session your body will be realigned and balanced  and you will experience yourself as more grounded with better mental clarity.  Most clients report a significant improvement in their health in a couple of treatments.

A Craniosacral Therapy treatment is deeply relaxing and a total rejuvenating experience.

Treatment time and costs:


First Consultation and Treatment  – 75 min  - $135

Follow up Consultation and Treatment  - 60 min  - $110

Extended Consultation  - 90 min  - $160 (ideal for country and interstate clients)

Babies / Children up to 12 years

First Consultation and Treatment  – 45 min  - $85

Follow up Consultation and Treatment  - 30 min  - $60


Pensioner and Health Care Card Discount is $10 LESS the above fees.


CANCELLATION FEE - less than 24 hours notice - $20


Currently Craniosacral Therapy is not rebatable by health insurance.