Sharizaar O'Heart

Sharizaar O’Heart  DO, RCST

Release your body’s natural wisdom for better health

Sharizaar is a registered Craniosacral Therapist with over 19 years expericence as a health care practitoner.  Sharizaar trained as an osteopath in the UK in 1992.  In 1995 she successfully completed a post- graduate training in Craniosacral Therapy which is now her preferred modality of healing.


oheart Craniosacral Therapy

The skills that Sharizaar brings to her treatment for her clients is her profound sensitivity of touch to support the gentle release of restrictions held within the cranium and body.

“What I love about Craniosacral Therapy is that whatever state of health you currently have, whatever age you are, the treatment starts where you are now with no judgment.  A unique system of profoundly listening to your body to allow it to tell me your story, of how you got the way you are and then with gentle encouragement, your body’s own self healing natural wisdom is reactivated and we bring your body mind and spirit back into alignment with who you are.  It is pretty neat!”

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Sharizaar has completed a further post-graduate training in New Zealand on trauma and the effects on the body.  She is highly skilled at releasing trauma from the body whether that is through accident, injury or from birth.

Her passion is supporting mothers on their journey to motherhood, to assist them in an easy pain free birth, which was the focus of her thesis in her training as an osteopath.  

She believes that all babies should be checked after birth by a craniosacral therapist to release any trauma from the birth and to check their whole body alignment.   This in itself can be preventative to many health issue that babies suffer and to patterns that we take on as we grow into adulthood.